How Online Marketing Helps Your Business Grow

You've probably heard the term "digital marketing" tossed around. You may even be familiar with the benefits it can bring to your business. But if you're still not sure what digital marketing is, or how to use it to your advantage, then this is the article for you!

Sep 15, 2016

Written by: Row Business Solutions

How Online Marketing Helps Your Business Grow

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a broad term for marketing on the internet. It's a way to reach customers online, grow your business, get more customers and increase sales. Digital marketing can include social media, search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising like Google AdWords.

Digital marketing is growing in importance because it allows you to interact with customers at the point of purchase on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets - or even before they make their purchase decision by reaching them through email blasts or popups that appear when they're browsing websites.

Benefits of online marketing

Online marketing offers a lot of benefits that will help your small business grow. Some of the most common benefits are:

  • Increased reach - You can reach a wider audience than you would have with traditional marketing methods. With digital platforms, you can reach people in places where it used to be hard or impossible to advertise. For example, if you sell shoes and want to target women who live in the United States, you could use Facebook ads to target only those users who live in America and like the color red (the primary color on your shoe box). This isn't possible through other types of advertising because they don't allow such fine-grained targeting.
  • Increased traffic - Online marketing also increases traffic because it allows businesses to connect with customers directly instead of having their messages go through third parties like television networks or newspapers. As a result, businesses get more direct access than ever before—and this gives them an opportunity for increased engagement with their customers!

How does digital marketing work?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses online platforms and devices to reach a potential customer. Digital marketing is a great way to build an audience, create brand awareness, and ultimately increase sales.

Digital marketing works because it’s easy to track and measure. You can know exactly how many people are seeing your website, how much time they spend on it, which pages they visit most often, where they come from (geographic location), which keywords or phrases brought them there, and more!

Digital Marketing is also cost-effective. With traditional advertising like print ads or billboards; only so many people will see those ads before they wear out their usefulness or the message gets lost in all the noise around us every day - but with online digital advertisements - anyone on the planet can see your ad instantly! And since it's not limited by geography like traditional advertising formats (TV commercials) - there's no geographical barrier either!

how can digital marketing help my small business?

Digital marketing can help your small business in a variety of ways, including:

  • Increasing traffic to your website.
  • Increasing your online visibility.
  • Increasing your customer base and conversion rate.
  • Increasing sales, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty/retention.

Digital marketing is relatively low cost compared to traditional marketing strategies such as print ads, TV commercials, or billboards which cost thousands of dollars for just one campaign!

why is digital marketing important?

Digital marketing is the future of small business growth, and if it's not already a part of your marketing strategy, you need to start working on it. Here are some reasons why:

  • Digital marketing is a great way to reach customers. It doesn't matter what kind of business you have; if you're not using digital channels like social media and email, then your potential customer pool will be severely limited.
  • Digital marketing is a great way to build your brand. People don't buy from companies; they buy from people. By establishing yourself as an expert in your field or niche through blogging or video content, you can build trust and credibility with potential clients as well as current customers who may need additional proof before making another purchase from you again after an initial sale has been made successfully (or unsuccessfully).
  • Digital marketing is also important for building relationships with others—not just within your own industry but with other organizations outside its borders too! For example: imagine how much easier life would be for someone who had never met anyone else who did this specific job before..."

The power of digital marketing is something no small business should ignore.

Digital marketing is a powerful tool that can help your small business get more customers and generate more leads. It can also help you increase sales, social media followers, traffic, and revenue.

Digital marketing has many different channels for you to use including:

  • Social Media - Facebook and Instagram are both great platforms for digital marketing. You can create content on these platforms and then share it with your fans or followers to get the word out about your business.
  • SEO - Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo through organic search results. This will drive more people to come across your website which could lead them to become customers if they like what they see!


Digital marketing is the future of marketing, and it’s important for small businesses to be aware of the benefits it offers. If you do not have a website or an online presence, now is the time to get one! There are so many ways that digital marketing can benefit your business and help it grow, including increasing website traffic and sales leads as well as improving brand awareness online.


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