How To Grow Your Followers on Social Media

If you want to grow your social media following, you have to put in the work. It's not as simple as having a profile and posting a few times every week (though that will help). If you want your audience to see your content and engage with it, then you need to do everything right — from posting often enough so people don't forget about you but not so often that they get bored or annoyed by what you post; engaging with your audience so they feel like they're talking to someone real instead of just reading words on a screen; hashtagging (and not over-tagging) if you want anyone else outside of your existing network to see what it is that you're talking about; using other platforms besides just Facebook or Instagram because those sites get crowded quickly and hashtags only work if people can find them there; making sure whatever content you create allows its viewers the ability to easily share it through whichever methods work best for them. And if all this sounds overwhelming, don't worry: We've got some easy tips for how any busy person can grow their followers without spending too much time doing so!

Dec 28, 2021

Written by: Row Business Solutions

How To Grow Your Followers on Social Media

Post frequently.

Posting frequently is important to gaining followers, but how often depends on your platform.

If you’re using a social media platform that allows you to post updates at any time, then it doesn’t matter what time of day or night you post as long as the content is still relevant. But if your posts are going out via email blasts or posts directly from your website or blog, then posting too much can result in an unread email box and negative rankings for websites with too much content on them.

For example, some email clients won't let users access their inboxes unless they click through five emails per day (and who does that?). If someone has signed up for your mailing list and receives ten emails from you in one sitting - even if those emails were sent out over 24 hours - then there's a good chance their inbox will be full before they get around to view them all!

Engage with your audience.

When you respond to comments and questions, you’re showing your audience that you care about them. People like to know that their opinions matter, so when you take the time to answer their questions and address their concerns, they’ll feel valued.

Asking questions is another great way to engage with your audience. One way of doing this is by using polls or surveys on social media; these can be used for research purposes or simply for fun (and promoting your brand). But even if it’s not a professional poll that helps build credibility, asking a question in general shows that you care about what people have to say and makes them feel more involved in the conversation.

Use hashtags and create trending topics.

You can use hashtags to help people find your content, but you can also use them for other purposes. Hashtags are a great way to get more attention for your brand or business. They're also useful for creating trending topics that will draw in new followers and engage existing ones.

Use relevant hashtags and trending topics when posting photos or videos to social media so they'll be seen by more people. Use a variety of hashtags on each post instead of just one or two—it's generally best not to use more than five per post though, as this may become overwhelming for potential viewers.

To create a successful hashtag campaign, choose something catchy yet simple enough so that anyone can understand it without having been told what it means first!

Use a variety of platforms.

You want to make sure that you're using the right platform for your audience. For example, if your business is focused on kids and families, Facebook might be better than Instagram. If you are selling high-end products and services, then LinkedIn probably makes more sense than Twitter.

It's also important to use multiple platforms because they reach different audiences and demographics and geographies. For example, if a customer is located in New York City, but his friends are all from San Francisco or Miami...he may be more likely to follow an account on Instagram than one on Facebook because he knows that his followers will see it there first!

Make your content shareable.

One of the most important things you can do to grow your audience is to make your content shareable. This means that no matter what platform you're posting on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or video), you're offering something unique and valuable to your followers.

You want to give them something they can't get anywhere else. This could be as simple as an insider tip or as complex as a full-blown blog post with images and videos included. As long as it's useful for them and isn't just a rehashing of something that's already out there in abundance (i.e., no lists of funny memes or articles about "the best" whatever), then it's worth sharing!

When thinking about how to grow followers on social media, remember that authenticity matters—and so does being real! People love seeing other people like themselves in their feeds; this goes for businesses too: when consumers see someone who looks like them doing business online and having success doing so, they feel more comfortable working with that person or company because they identify with them on some level."

Use influencers to increase your social reach.

Influencer marketing is a great way to grow your social media audience. You can use an influencer on Instagram or Twitter, or both if you want!

If you're just starting and don't have a large following yet, it's best to look for someone who has a similar audience as yours. For example, if you are selling makeup brushes, find an Instagram influencer who doesn't just post photos of themselves wearing makeup (but does that too), but also posts about the latest beauty trends and products they love. This makes them authentic and relatable—two things that are important when it comes to building trust with new followers who may not know anything about your brand yet.

Be sure to vet these people carefully before choosing one to work with; not all influencers will be honest about how they were paid by sponsorships/affiliates/etc., so make sure they're genuine before promising any free products or discounts in exchange for promotion!

Doing all of these things can help you grow your social media account and engage a better following.

And now you’re ready to get started on growing your social media accounts.

To start, you can use hashtags and create trending topics by posting content that is relevant to a larger trend in the news or something popular at the moment. This will help people find you and follow you because they want to see what else is being posted about the same topic. You can also make your content shareable by posting things like meme images, gifs, and videos of animals doing silly things (cats are always good). These types of posts tend to perform well with social media users because they’re entertaining and easy for people to spread around their friends so they can share in the laughs too!

If all goes well with these first two steps then keep up your momentum by posting frequently but not too often so as not to overwhelm or annoy anyone reading them on their feeds - once per day should suffice unless there’s an event happening soon like Christmas which might mean twice per day max depending upon how much time it takes away from other activities scheduled for December 25th itself!

Finally, once all accounts have been set up properly start engaging with followers through replies back-and-forth comments etcetera; this will help build relationships between users while simultaneously increasing engagement levels among current followers who may feel more connected after interacting directly with someone behind username instead of just seeing tweets come through timeline without any context behind them whatsoever (and probably wouldn't even notice if someone stopped tweeting altogether).


We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to grow your followers on social media. It’s not always easy, but if you are persistent and keep trying new things, then it will eventually happen. If you want to learn more about growing your audience and engaging them with content that they will love, check out our blog post on how to do just that!

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