What Are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are excellent for your business because they can help you upsell products, find new clients, and help your brand become more well-known online.

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What Are Landing Pages?

When you want to find more customers, tell people about your products, or have an alternative to boosting conversions and sales, you should consider creating a landing page.

A landing page is a single web page where potential customers 'land' after clicking a link within an ad or an email. On it, a visitor will find some eye-catching graphics, maybe some short written content, one kind of information or contact form, and a call-to-action.

The purpose of a landing page is to turn potential customers into leads. People become leads once they fill up and send the information form on the page. This data can then be used by you or your marketing team to turn the lead into a real paying customer.

How is it Different from a Homepage?

At a glance, a landing page may appear like a homepage. But if you look closely, you will find a few key differences:

Types of Landing Pages

However, the differences between homepages and landing pages aren't as absolute, as the look and feel of a landing page are influenced by the end goal. Below are five commonly used landing pages with varying designs.

Splash Page - These have minimal copy, a quality image as a background, and a message or a quote that is tied to your brand. Unlike other landing pages, a splash page serves no other purpose except as a lead-up to a website.

Lead Capture Page - Also known as 'squeeze page' or 'lead gen' pages, this type of landing page has a form to collect data, like a visitor's name and email. Some pages offer something in return, such as a free PDF or webinar to boost chances of conversion.

Clickthrough Page - This type of page is designed to convince visitors to buy something, avail a service, or share information such as name and email. Specific content is added to provide context and a button to begin or complete a transaction.

Detailed Product Page - This landing page is designed to convince visitors or leads to buy a product. It contains detailed product information, complete with images, a video if needed, and a review or testimonial. Unlike most landing pages, this one has a navigation bar.

Video Page - Video landing pages are perfect for creating interest and hype around products and services through colors, voice, and body language. Video pages are perfect for the present day, as video content has become more prominent than other kinds of content.


Before choosing which type of landing page to use, think about your goals - do you want to generate interest for an upcoming product, help make extra sales, or build a new email list? There is a landing page for every need, and no single type is perfect than the rest. And if you aren't sure, create pairs of test pages to determine which is better.

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