Which Social Media Networks Are Best for Your Business?

Social media is perfect for all kinds of business, as each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages that can bring you and your brand to others.

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Which Social Media Networks Are Best for Your Business?

Social media networks have become very reliable tools for businesses. Not only can it help expand your reach and make your brand recognizable, but it can also help in business scaling efforts.

Yet, despite how quick and easy social media appears to be, gains and drawbacks aren't as easy to grasp. True, you can simply upload a graphic on Instagram and all the hashtags, but where do you go from there? What is the next best step?

To help you understand which social media platform will be best for your business, this article will look into some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Considered to be the biggest player in social media with over 2.7 billion users around the world, it is currently deemed the best platform for social media marketing. You can enjoy the following if you choose Facebook for your business.

However, best doesn't always mean good on a budget. While Facebook offers plenty of options, there are a few downsides.


While a social media platform designed primarily to share visual and video types of content, Instagram is still perfect for social marketing. Though it may not have Facebook’s toolbox, it does have some advantages over others.

Despite some of its good points, many social media marketers do not believe Instagram is worth their time and effort, citing negative points to the positives.


If you are looking for a platform that can really get you connected and drive engagements, Twitter is the right one for you. You can also find ways to monetize, provided you know what you want and aim to get it. Here are some advantages for your business

But like every other platform, Twitter has its fair share of disadvantages, some of which stems from how easy Twitter is to get into, both for personal and business use.


Essential social media for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is a platform that allows companies, employers, and employees to connect with one another. And the more connections you make, the more opportunities become available to you.

The disadvantages of the platform are a result of it being meant for a specific group of users, like business owners and freelancers.


While not a wholly extensive list of advantages and disadvantages, the above are key points to remember when trying to decide which social media networks are best for your business.

At the end of the day, choose what you feel will help you achieve your goals better. Or, alternatively, why choose only one when you can use them all? Leverage their individual advantages to cover any disadvantages of the other.

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